Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekly Round Up 5/18 - Things We Thought Were Interesting

A Quick Read

Time is precious and a hot commodity. So, some of our blogs will be very short and sweet – quick links to things we found interesting that we thought you might, too. We got this nifty idea from one of our own favorite bloggers. Some are informative; others are entertaining. So feel free to read, browse and share. Good stuff!

17 Interesting Pinterest Stats to Show Your Boss or Client
Slide Show on Things that Turn Customers Off
Video on How NOT to Pitch to Media
New Book – Marketing in the Round
New Book – Fair Food (CNN Interview with Author)
15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy
2012 Small Business Toolkit

Caught Looking Good
We thought they did a fabulous job of making the movement fun, festive and inviting! See for yourself.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Looking Good - The Beauty of Imagery

Talk About Timely
What’s new with Milestones?
Well, we just revamped  our website, launched our very own blog and are playing with Pinterest! Our new look is more fresh and more mobile, incorporates quick and easy access to all our social media and includes a newsroom. Our blog allows us to connect more personally with you, our growing community, and gives our followers timely links to the latest news and trends in the field. And Pinterest, of course, maximizes the use of photography/imagery – which you know we love.

What’s Hot in the Field
As we got ready to launch, these were the articles we were seeing about the popularity of Pinterest, the importance of visuals and the rise of infographics.
Question: Would you have read this article without the picture - really?

Let’s just say a picture is indeed worth a thousand words and visuals are blistering HOT.

In the News
PR Daily shared an article where journalists from The Associated Press, The Huffington Post, CNN Money and Mashable talked about the beauty and effectiveness of infographics, which they said capture our attention faster than text alone and are proving more effective than even video when prompting readers to read or buyers to buy.

“Infographics help us cope with information overload.”  

“With the abundance of raw data available to consumers, the average person’s attention span is declining and infographics are an effective way to spark a reader’s interest.”

Constant Contact, meanwhile, shared how non-profits specifically are using social media tools.
“We knew Pinterest was hot, but we didn’t know they were this hot. According to the 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report, Pinterest’s traffic surged 50% between February and January and has now overtaken networks like Tumblr, Google+, and LinkedIn. Oh and by the way, Pinterest had 17.8 million unique visitors in the month of February.

Bottom Line: Pinterest is for real and marketers better take notice. The site had 104 million visits in the month of March (to put that in perspective, Twitter had 180 million).”

In Closing & An Invite
We’re always curious what our readers are doing. If you have a question about PR or ways to connect with your community, we’d love to hear from you. And, if you know of someone who’s doing a phenomenal job, email me at We might just spotlight a job well done!

p.s. take a moment to visit our website, swing by the newsroom, and see samples of our work!

The 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report
2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Who Am I? And Why Am I Blogging?

Hi! I’m Gwen Newman, founder of Milestones Communications, and I’m a believer in the power of the written word and that popular saying that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. A blog captures both sentiments so eloquently and I believe it’s a great forum for so many.

I should share that I started out as a print reporter and what stirred me then, as much as now, is the beauty of talking to someone one-on-one about something they’re so passionate about as well as undertaking research more broadly to find out how it also applies to others and why they should care.
Blogs give us a way to share news of note, news of interest and news you can use

I personally and professionally jumped on the blogging bandwagon because it was a more dynamic way to connect more frequently with those interested in Milestones specifically or in PR more broadly. As more and more around the world write blogs, read blogs and debate blogs, it seemed only fitting that we’d not only talk about the value of blogging for others but try it for ourselves also. After all, writing for us is both a passion and our craft.

Why should you care?
Before deciding to launch our own blog, we asked ourselves to consider two critical points and these are the same questions we'd ask others to consider:

1)      First, we had to determine if blogging would be of value to us. What makes it appealing and beneficial? Does it serve a practical purpose?
2)      And secondly, we had to ask why you’d want to read a blog from us in the first place. What exactly would you want to find and how would we accommodate? If our readers don't find what they're looking for, they won't come back.

Writing a blog takes time. Not only to write the content that you’ll read but to determine the topics, do the research, respond to readers, track progress and monitor trends. No small endeavor. But we spend a lot of time researching and then share that with the affected client. So, why not share it more broadly and make it more useful to many more?  
We know from our interactions with customers and with the community that many are interested in "all things social” along with the more traditional PR mediums - publications, website visibility and special events and media coverage. Common questions are how do you determine which initiatives to pursue and undertake, which work best for specific goals or audiences, and do you most effectively manage/budget them all? Our blog will address popular PR topics and recurring issues like these. It will also become a forum where we can share about causes near and dear, sometimes about those we know but usually more generally and more broadly.

Our Promise
We won’t bombard you frequently – we anticipate one blog a week with links to a wealth of resources along with shorter snippets that are quick to read and easy to share. Our promise to you is that our blog is intended to do three key things – educate, inform and inspire. We’ll share the hottest news in the field, the latest trends, and the greatest results. We’ll connect with those most interested and begin an open dialogue with those most vested, receptive and engaged. We’ll post Q&As with those who have their own compelling stories to share and we’re going to be open to the questions you raise, the points you make and the topics you find most fascinating.

Starting now.

We’d like to hear from you.
1)      When it comes to connecting with the community, what PR initiatives are you most interested in taking on? And why haven’t you? What are you most hesitant about trying? And what’s holding you back?
2)      For those who have tried something new with great success, what exactly was it? Or, if you do something very consistently to connect with your specific audience, please share. We’d love to hear more and we’re sure others would too.

We'd love to hear from you. Connect with me below or at We'll plan to share your questions as well as samples - and yours just might be one of them!